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Technofer is a private Dutch company registered in the Chamber of Commerce of The Hague in the Netherlands (KVK 66502608).


  • Technology is the common heritage of mankind. In order for the human beings to survive in the age of decreasing resources and increasing population, there is no choice but to share technology to ensure the survival of mankind.


    • To encourage development and transfer of technology for upholding and improving standards of living of nations particularly in the developing countries;
    • To act as a bridge among nations possessing the required technology and the peoples who need it to improve their standards of living;
    • To contribute to the alleviation of the miseries of poor countries by employment of technology to reduce hunger, famine, pollution, and sanitary problems;
    • To assist nations to access the needed technology to improve sanitation, health care, food production, clean water, and low consumption of energy;
    • To identify and to employ the skills and know-how for improving the standards of living for the poor nations.


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