Our Partners

Sea Solutions is a maritime & shipping software development firm based in Scandinavia, India and Singapore. They are a leading provider of specialized maritime IT solutions and services; supporting more than 100 shipping related organizations, ranging from the smallest to the largest shipping companies in the world.

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VOS instruments was founded in 1983 by Rob Vos as a wholesaler of laboratory products. Devices and consumables were soon supplied to breweries and the petrochemical industry. But exports also took off. For example, VOS supplies instruments to Heineken laboratories all over the world. In the following years, the company grew rapidly, mainly due to a high level of service and reliability.

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Virus Free Air (VFA) creation originates from the idea that clean healthy air is a right for everyone.

 It was discovered that there was no technique available which was actually effective, efficient and affordable. This has led to developing an own patented air purification technology by VFA which does meet these requirements. The focus of the air purifiers of VFA Solutions resonates its name: air purifiers removing viruses, fine particulate matters, and allergens.

Through years of researching the aspects that affect air quality and continually developing and innovating its technology, VFA became an expert in air quality solutions. Its in-house knowledge makes it possible to switch quickly and to be able to always find a solution for any air quality problem.

Technofer is a private Dutch company registered in the Chamber of Commerce of The Hague in the Netherlands (KVK 66502608).

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LISA COMMUNITY connects you to an international network of maritime professionals. Using state of the art technology, peer-to-peer support and presenting the latest innovative companies, this community can boost your performance like no other.

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Chemicals & Safety International (CASI) offers solutions for the security of high-risk industries and big organizations dealing with risky businesses. They include safety of refineries and relevant industries (transportation, pipelines, etc.) in the oil industry; petrochemicals; gas and chemical sectors; and steel industries with aim of minimizing the risks and preparing them to deal with any eventuality. It provides modular training schemes for safety and security of the airport, subway stations and centers of population at strategic, tactical and operations levels. It also provides training courses to first responders and helps them develop integrated response plan and unified command system.


 White Coral Offshore Services B.V. through its subsidiaries and associates, offers consultancy and services in 3 areas of offshore, marine industries and oil & gas industries. White Coral is a specialized offshore marine and engineering consultancy firm, focusing on the shallow and deep-water offshore segments of the oil and gas industry. Offshore wind consultants is a globally focused consultancy providing independent services to the offshore renewables industry.


 Al Nimr Expo organizes some of Oman’s top international trade exhibitions and conferences that provide unparalleled networking and business opportunities for companies looking to excel and grow within the Sultanate.


Entering a foreign market demands an in-depth understanding of the different local realities and regulations. As embodied by our company name, East-West Trade & consulting’s aim is to support growing companies and promising entrepreneurs from the four corners of the world with their internationalization process. East-West Trade & consulting brings together a network of international-oriented and experienced professionals who provide clients with a pool of market entry services; laying the foundations for successful market penetration. These tailored services range from the provision of market reports, leads and exhibition space to other, more extensive, services, such as the organization of highly customized trade missions that attend to the specific needs of participants.